List Of Adventure quest cheats

Hint: Make a Health Potion:
Go to Warlic’s shop. Say “explore shop” to him. Grab the Magma Leaf, put it in the big pot, then grab Frogzard Tear. Put it in the pot. Then, grab Mermazon Kelp and put it in the pot. You will get a Health Potion.
Information in this section was contributed by Oconnor.

Hint: Easy Mana Potions:
Go to the Werewolf’s Lair and buy a spell named “Light of Mana”. Then, click on the left of the “Battle Monsters” button and jump down. Note: Do not this if you are below level 20.
Information in this section was contributed by Juanx16.

Hint: Make your own Fire, Wind, and Water Blade Of Awe:
You first have to be a Guardian. Look for the pieces of the blade. They are in shiny treasure chests. You must do a lot of fighting to get shiny treasure chests. Then, go Arys’a pet shop and click “Valencia”. Visit Valencia, talk to her, and click “Blade of Awe”. She will make it. Next, go to the guardian tower and click on the first guy you see. His name is Nimrod. Click on the button that reads “Guardian Shop” or something similar. Also, make sure you have an extra slot in the armor location and 6,000 gold. Go to the armor and buy the elemental fighter armor. Go into battle and take out your Blade Of Awe and your new armor. When you click attack, a choice button will pop up. Make your choice. Instead of earth element damage, whatever you selected will be the type of damage it will do (for example, fire).
Information in this section was contributed by GC.

Hint: Easy money:
If you are at low level (5 to 15), get 500 gold by fighting and buy a pet named Truffle. This pet does major damage and kills people (things) quickly, and thus gets money faster. If at a higher level, fight monsters until you find a overgrown bee that will threaten you and leave. Choose to follow it. Invade the hive and you will get about 40,000 gold.
Information in this section was contributed by Chase Jacobs.

To get easy experience and money with a for low level player, do the training repeatedly.

Go to event and skip through Warlic’s speech. Select “Multiquest” then go to Stonerule Monolith. You will meet the Grim Reaper and he will make you fight a lot of undead. If you find the Draken Undead Dragon and defeat it, you will get 500 experience points and 300 gold. All of the undead there give good experience points and gold, but this one gives the most but it is rare. Note: You can get four HP potions from the bag when you first meet the Grim Reaper.

To get 1,000 free gold, simply confirm your email address when you receive the registration email from Artix. Your character will start with 1,250 gold instead of 250 gold.
Information in this section was contributed by Markyb2005.

Got to the crossroads then to somewhere. Sometimes you can get lots of gold.
Information in this section was contributed by rob.roe.

Go to Vamprock Spire and skip the dialogue. When you die and resurrect, choose to “Loot Potions”. Then, battle the dragon. You will get a lot of gold and experience points due to your level (500 gold at lower levels, and when you hit level 27 or 28 it will be 1,000 gold). Then, face your friends. When you defeat them you will get more gold and experience points.Note: Being level 18 or above is recommended.
Information in this section was contributed by Jacob Miliusis.

On the travel map, go to Zorbaks Hideout. When you get there, watch Zorbak and Twilly fight (both part one two). When you get to the rolling part (intelligence roll), if you still win click ”I Didn’t Win”. After that you will face an undead dragon (level 300). Use light or fire attacks to defeat him. In the end, you will come out with 1050 experience points and 700 gold. Repeat this as many times as desired.
Information in this section was contributed by nate-r4e3s2a1ch.

Go to Zorbak’s Hideout and skip the dialogue. after the fight even if you win, click “I Didn’t Win”. You will then fight an undead dragon that gives you 700 gold and 1050 experience points. If you win, continue. You will get to fight the Dragon Master. He is practically impossible to defeat. Keep repeating this to gain money and experience. Being level 25 or 28 is recommended. Note: You may die on your first few turns, however as long as you have his weakness (fire, earth, and light) you can do it.
Information in this section was contributed by Jacob Miliusis.

Click on the rip in the sky, or the the pieces of wood at “The Crater”. Click the compass, the red lever, and finally the bar between the doors. Click on the door on the left (next to the Gecko). Click on the door far right on the screen. Click somewhere on the machine on the right and Vince the Drakel will appear. Click on him, then “What is that machine?”, and finally “I will help you!”. Skip the dialogue and click “Shrink Me!!!”. Skip the other dialogue and you will be in the maze. Use the cursor keys to navigate through the maze without touching the walls or B.U.R.Ps. The Orb is around the bottom left of the maze. Once you collect it you will talk to Vince. He will give you his gold. Depending on your level, you will get different amounts of experience points and gold. Once you do this three times you must log out, as you will only get a small chest on your forth and later tries. Repeat this to gets lots of gold and experience. This requires about seven minutes to complete three times.
Information in this section was contributed by Tyler R.

Note: You must be a guardian. Go to the Isle D’oriens by using the catapult or rip in the sky. Next, go to the library and click on the podium to go down to the Loremaster’s library. Then, click on the second scroll to go to the battle with Carnax. Finally, click on “Shoot Carnax”. You will have to shoot the different parts of Carnax as they light up. After that, depending on if you shot less than 30, you will either get 500 gold pieces or 800 gold pieces.
Information in this section was contributed by christine122578.

Hint: Easy experience points:
Keep going into battles and fleeing until you get to a cave. You will then fight a Behemoth that gives 7,000 experience points when killed. This is useful if you are at least level 70.
Information in this section was contributed by Chris.

Use the following trick to get experience from levels 20 and above. First, do the Frogzard Hunter Quest 3 and get 10 Health Potions. Do this before every one of these training skills. Then, make sure you have Dragonslayer Armor and some Elements Blade. Go to the “Travel” button and click “Dragonstone”. Then, slay dragons.
Information in this section was contributed by dave lee.

Get to about level 15 and higher. Then, get a Sun Shield, Ice/Fishhook Blade, and good armor (preferably be a Draognslayer and have the armor). Then, click “Go to the Event” then click the top button. After that, battle Young Energy Dragons and all the dragons there. When you get a chance to advance to a Boss, do not. Just keep battling dragons.
Information in this section was contributed by dave lee.

First, get to a level where you are comfortable in killing creatures that have 500 HP with an average damage at about 20. You will probably need to be at over level 20 and have recommended stat training in strength and dexterity. Get a Fire elemental weapon and a Light elemental weapon. Also, either get armor or shields that can resist Earth and Darkness attacks. The Lycan armor and the Darkness shield work very well for this. A Light spell (Daybreak recommended) is optional. Also get a Truffle and the dog you can get inside the Lycan Lair in Drakiva Forest. Go to “Travel”, “Drakiva Forest”, and select the third little dot from the back to town little button. It should be before Vampire E. Click on that and skip all the dialogue. You will fight the Alpha Lycan regardless if you are his sub-race. He has half health (about 400 to 500 HP). Use the Fire elemental sword to kill him to get 300 gold and 500 experience points. Then, skip all the next dialogue, You will fight a Vampire Lord (400 to 450 HP). Use a Light sword and a Light spell. Daybreak (500 gold) does 50 to 70 damage if both attacks hit, and only uses 50 MP. The dog in the Lycan Lair is also a Light elemental creature. After you kill it, you will get another 300 gold and 500 experience points. Depending on your stats (Strength, Dexterity, etc.), you can do this cycle in about five minutes. You may also be able to do it several times before healing, which results in 600 gold and 1,000 experience points every five minutes. Also, there are no stat rolls or extra monsters to fight.
Information in this section was contributed by Darth Butthead.

To earn more experience points, go to Darkovia Forest. Then, get VampireSlayer armor. After that, go to Werewolves Lair. Accept his curse, click the Brightwolf, then click “Take that cool pet”.
Information in this section was contributed by Flying Squirrel Mitten.

Get your Necromancer level to at least 9 then go to the rip in the sky. Go to the Loremaster’s room and click the scroll next to the smoky one. Then, click “Go to battle”. If you are a high enough level it results in great experience. You should get about 20,000 experience points every 30 minutes (Guardian only).
Information in this section was contributed by jason meech.

When you are high level and have lots of gold, buy all the armors and the shields. Also buy all the element weapons. Keep clicking “Battle Monsters” to get gold and experience.
Information in this section was contributed by Juanx16.

Hint: Easy Health Potions:
To get 10 Health Potions, click on Twilly, then on “The Frogzard Hunter!” and do the third part of the quest. After you kill the mosquito and the Trog, the Trog will give you 10 Health Potions. You can then either complete the rest of the quest using these potions, or flee from the next battle with them.
Information in this section was contributed by darknessnearby.

You can get any Health Potions counting by 10s (10, 20, 30, etc.). Go to the Frogzard’s Hunter quest. Kill the Mosquito then defeat the next opponent after it. He will give you 10 Health Potions. Cancel against the next enemies. Keep doing this repeatedly to get as many Health Potions as desired, if you did not waste the first Health Potion obtained when you logged in. Note: You can only get up to 50 Health Potions.
Information in this section was contributed by YOUNGNATION18.

For three easy potions, go to travel map. Sail east then click to explore Paxia. Behind the Moglins is a bag of potions. Note: Free users get three while Guardians get six.
Information in this section was contributed by Cusaj Thomas.

Hint: Easy wins:
Wait until you are level 20 and get your Dracomancer to level 5. Use Dragon Wings to defeat most of your enemies quickly and easily.
Information in this section was contributed by UncontroledKid.

Go to the event and at least be level 10. When you go there, a menu will appear. Click on “Battle” and another menu will appear. If you notice that it is people, click “Warlic”. You will have to fight a C-Rex. Defeat him. Warlic will stay with you until you log out. He does the weakness of the monsters you base. He hits at 5-20.
Information in this section was contributed by Axel KH and nate-r4e3s2a1ch.

Start a character with 1000 add by email or earn money for the robe mage/pet. Chose Warlic as Panther (note: When you log out or chose other panther/animal). Start the mage quest in Warlic’s shop. Try to get at least level 5 mage plus level 10, then buy the Truffle Pet at the pet shop. It should do over 70 damage at level 10.
Information in this section was contributed by David Walser.

Hint: Exploring Warlic’s shop:
Go to Warlic’s Magic Shop and explore it. You can now mix the following in the mixing pot.
Information in this section was contributed by ThatCrazyKid109, denhaen Auric, kaileb andersen, and Danny hayes.

Mana Potion: Mermazon Kelp, Moglin Essence and Bad Juice.

Mana Potion: Sugar and spice, Mamazon Kelp, and Moglin Essence.

Green Hair: Mermazon Kelp, Frogzard Tear and Bad Juice. This is temporary.

Health Potion: Mermazon Kelp, Frogzard Tear and Magma Leaf.

Backwards Name: Mermazon Kelp, Frogzard Tears and Moglin Essence. Do this twice to undo it.

Exploding Kettle: Moglin Essence, Frogzard Tears and Bad Juice. The kettle will explode and you will turn black.

Rock Pet: Slattword Dust, Bad Juice and Magma Leaf. This will disappear when you log out.

Mini-game: Slattwob Dust, Mermazon Kelp and Magma Leaf will automatically teleport you to a pirate quiz or other interesting mini-games.

Hint: Hidden hole:
At the main town, there is a hole that is hidden. Click to the left of the button that reads “Battle Monsters”. You will be asked if you want to go down. The monsters in the hole are somewhat strong. Do not go down if you are below level 15.
Information in this section was contributed by Mike Glick.

Hint: Behemoth:
First, get your Luck and Charisma to 20 or above. Then, keep going into random battles until start a battle with a cave. Click “Befriend it”. If you are lucky, you will befriend it. If not, you will fight it.
Information in this section was contributed by dave lee.

Hint: Drakel Air Raider weapon:
After you defeat a Drakel Air Raider, click on its weapon. It does massive damage and will stay with you until you log out.
Information in this section was contributed by Ryan Cheung.

Hint: Fish Head:
Go to Yulgar’s shop when Hans is there. Ask “What happened to Yulgar?” Hans will say a lot of things. Click “What happened?” then Twig will come out. Go with Twig. You will go to Twig’s dream place. Your head will disappear. You will fight a whole group of Piranhas. Once you defeat them, you will fight an ice cream dish. Once you defeat him you will go back to Twig and return to Hans’ shop after that. Once you have returned to town go to Warlic’s shop. Do the potion “Moglin Essence + Frogzard Tear + Bad Juice and you will then have a Fish Head.
Information in this section was contributed by TheDJRHARbros.

Hint: Frogzard Sword:
Do the Frogzard Hunter Part 2. Kill is the Mother Zard and she will give you the Frogzard Sword. The sword allows you to change into a powerful Zard and gives very powerful earthen attacks. It will disappear when you log out.
Information in this section was contributed by Auric.

Hint: Legendary Fighter’s sword:
Keep canceling or fleeing until you reach a Legendary Fighter. If you defeat him, click on his sword. You will get it until you log out.
Information in this section was contributed by Rocketman.

Hint: Legendary Hero’s sword:
Keep Fighting random fights until you run into a Legendary Hero. When you find him, kill him and click on his sword. The sword will stay with you until you log out.
Information in this section was contributed by Abutangi.

Hint: Mage Ball:
To use Mage Ball, first, get a Zin Seed from Yulgar’s shop at the inn. Then become a level 2 rogue or fighter. You need to be able to use a thrown weapon. When you equip the Zin Seed, and click “Attack”. Your hand will glow. Then, click “Throw Weapon” and you will throw a glowing ball. This is the Mage Ball.
Information in this section was contributed by TigerLG.

Hint: Moglia Idols:
Go to travel map, sail east, then click “Explore Paxia”. Help the Moglins and complete the quest. You can then buy an idol anytime.
Information in this section was contributed by Cusaj Thomas.

Hint: Water Plunger weapon:
Click on the rip in the sky. Then click the compass, then the lever, then the bars between the doors. Go to the room on the left. Then go to the room on the right. Click on the machine. Talk to Vince and say “How do I leave this Isle?”. Then, say “I want to leave now. Bye!”. Then, click on the ladder and go to the door. Click “Swirly Time”, then take the plunger. It does 5 to 20 damage and has an attack where green gloop comes out and hits three times. It will go away once you log out.
Information in this section was contributed by Justin Schamber.

Hint: Vampire Strike:
If your character is between level 20 and 40, select “Travel Map” and go to Zorbak’s Hideout. In part two of the story, select “I Didn’t Win!”. After that, go to the “Armor” button and click “VampireSlayer”. Click the “Attack” button then click “Vampire Strike”.
Information in this section was contributed by Flying Squirrel Mitten.

Hint: Easy Stonewrits for the Blade Of Awe:
Go to the travel map after you log in. Go to the crossroads and click on the sign that reads “Somewhere”. It will teleport you to an underwater battle sequence. Win all eight fights to receive a piece of the sword. Do this to get three pieces in a row. Usually there are only two difficult monsters to fight; a Brakel and the last opponent, who is either a giant sea snail or a Drakel Rider. You can also gain a few levels along the way. Make sure you bring a powerful energy weapon and a fire weapon of some kind, or just be a level 1 Mage and use the fire attack. This is not recommended for characters under level 30.
Information in this section was contributed by rjm0515.

Hint: Get the Blade Of Awe quickly:
Talk to Twilly . Click on the Frogzard hunter and do the challenge quest. After that, turn your hair green. Then, click on the left of “Battle Monsters” and jump down. Kill fifteen or more monsters then go back to battle on and click on “Travel Map”. Then go to “The Farm”. Stay outside and wait. Skip the dialogue. Let Seahalk do whatever he wants to do. Skip the dialogue. Battle the fruits until you find a cactus. Kill it and it will open, revealing the Blade Of Awe. Click on it and you will have it. Note: This trick requires Guardians only.
Information in this section was contributed by jaime flores.

Hint: Go to some guardian places:
Make a rock pet. Then, go the event. Speak with Elizabeth and select the second option. Speak with Valencia and select the fourth option. You can now go to some places such as Yonder, Lolosia, Somewhere, Granemor and others with eight battles, and receive a treasure chest afterwards.
Information in this section was contributed by Marcos.

Hint: Go to Crossroads:
Adventurers can go to Crossroads, and then to Lolosia and Granemor. Get a Pet Rock at Warlic Shop (mix Sllatwob Dust, Magma Leaf and Bad Juice), and click on the “Visit Valencia” button on the multiquest. Visit her and click on “Travel Passes”, then click on “Go Traveling” and you will be at Crossroads.
Information in this section was contributed by slash man.

Hint: Special weapons:
At level 15 or higher, go to the Multiquest. Click on the girl in the black, then select the quest for the Kayda Reaver. It is best to have a good ice weapon. If you encounter a Drakel Air Raider or a Drakel Captain, kill them and click on their weapon before you click “Next”. Alternately, fight monsters and eventually you will encounter a Drakel Air Raider. If you are a Fighter, the third boss is a Drakel Captain.
Information in this section was contributed by Scott Welker.

Hint: Change your hair back to normal from the green hair effect:
When you put Bad Juice Frogzard tear Mermazon Kelp, you will get green hair. You can easily change it by going to Warlic’s spell shop and changing your face back to normal by changing your hair color back to the color it was before for 20 gold.
Information in this section was contributed by ssan01.

Hint: Original werewolf form without guardianship:
Do the Willow Creek quest (Aquella) and look for the source of the attacks. When the other farmer’s diary is on his desk, fight him by clicking on the trees by the caves. If you get bitten you will turn into a werewolf.
Information in this section was contributed by Audine Osias.

Hint: Death quest:
Die ,and when you are in front of Death, click on the hourglass underneath. Death will start talking to you. Select “Yes, I want to help you”. Death send you to a dark place to search hourglasses . Be careful of the rocks. They can give you good rewards but can have strong enemies. Search for chests. They will give you the hourglasses. Search the pink teleporters to have strange adventures such as Name Change, Unlucky Training, Control Zorbak, Save Baby Moglin From Fire Creatures, Weakness Training, etc.
Information in this section was contributed by José Miguel Pacheco Fino.

Hint: Zorbak:
During winter, click on the snowman in the town square. Zorbak will come out of there and you can ask him to join you by clicking “Come with me”. However, Zorbak’s attacks are mainly dark. Be careful if you are going against dark creatures.

Hint: Good Fire secondary pet:
Go to Darkovia Forest, then go to Vampire Castle. Once there you will find a vampire. Next to the vampire is a Vampire Bat. Click on him and he will be your secondary pet until you sign out.
Information in this section was contributed by Pattybonner1.

Hint: Good Light secondary pet:
Get to level 5 or higher and go to Darkovia Forest. Go to the Werewolf Lair. If you are a vampire, go to the Cure and vs. Evil Eye (3), Moglin Phantom and 1,2,or 3 Vampire Slayers. Cure yourself, then battle Chico or flee or cancel. When you are at the Werewolf Lair, activate the curse and click on the golden wolf. Then on the top right corner, click take the cool pet and the bright wolf will be your secondary pet. It is stronger than a dark wolf. If you have the armor lycan, which you get from the wolf next to the bright wolf, have a dark wolf from aria, and everything on your side will be a wolf if you equip lycan to you.
Information in this section was contributed by EggyTran.

Hint: See stats forever:
Click on the head of your character or an enemy’s head until it is transparent. Click on the head once more and hold the button down and drag the mouse away from the head. The stats will stay there forever.
Information in this section was contributed by Elijah.

Hint: Better chance of finding good battles:
The chance of having a positive adventure when using the random battle feature is based on the rounds won since you died. For example, if you play a few quests that are easy, then go on random adventures there is a much greater chance of finding boxes, pieces of the guardian blade, special events, etc.
Information in this section was contributed by Jaghut Krond.

Glitch: Use Twilly as your secondary pet:
Go to training, then go to “How do I battle monsters?”. A monster will appear. Select “Cancel”, then go to Battle monsters.
Information in this section was contributed by Nate Fuller.

Glitch: Living mascot:
If you use the Green Hair mix in Warlic’s shop and have the armor Lycan equipped, you have your head on a wolf body.
Information in this section was contributed by GamerPr6.

Glitch: Select opponent:
When you are level 10 or above, go to the time portal and click on the “To Battle!” button. Choose one of the six people to fight with, then return to camp. Then, return to town and fight whoever you selected.
Information in this section was contributed by CrazyChris08.


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  1. doc Says:

    Hmmmm……… Guess Your Wondering I Need A Few Health Potions Well Im Your Man. Click On The Littile Orang Thing Called Twill Click On Frogzard Hunter. Go On The 3rd Quest You Have To Deafet 2 Monsters.
    A Monster Called SWamp Trog Gives You 10 Health Potions! Imagine That

  2. artiefish Says:

    To get a blade of awe easily but may take 50 minutes or so, you need to be a gaurdian. (obviously). Go to frogazrd part threee hen you talk to twillly about the frogzard quests and beat the skeeter. then beat the swamp trog. you will have ten potions. either finish the quest or die, I don’t car just don’t use ANY health potions. then go to warlics shop, and say explore shop. then mix up some mermazon kelp, frogzard tear and magma leaf. You will get a health potion. do alot of times, until you have like, 20 health potions. then raise your luck to 60-80. go to the haunted house and beat the monsters using the potions. you will get either a box of health potions, huge treasure box, or a peice of the blade. anyways, do that alot of times until you have the blade. then go to valencia in the gaurdian teleporter. Good luck.

  3. artiefish Says:

    and this is an awesome website

  4. Artix(Adam) Says:

    I am Artix and Me and all of the AQ team say that we are going to shut down the game on the 5th of August.

    The game will reopen even better than before and for $30 USD you can become a King Guardian which includes:

    800 Z-tokens
    Raised straiht up to level 80
    Can have the Super King Blade(200 melee)
    And everything else a Guardian and X-Guardian would get.

    Artix and the AQ team 🙂

  5. Pengie1548 Says:

    Yeah RIGHT

  6. jamie332 Says:

    why cant u just add it on without shuting down AQ ?

  7. james234 Says:

    i think its stupid to do it

  8. lukemiller Says:

    im a level 78 im called the reaper if you dont believe me check out my character page at:

  9. lukemiller Says:


    0800 00 1066 15

  10. ass Says:

    are you even artix ya fukin a

  11. 898989 Says:

    yall suck

  12. Uncle Dookie Says:

    There is a way to go into the mount tournament in guardian tower without being a guardian. All u have to do is talk to twilly and click on Frozgard hunter to go to him. Then you click shop and but the armor called Frozgard rider or sumthin like that then go into the guardian tower and as soon as you go in click the arrow pointing to the right and click on the little boy on the left and ther ya go 😀

  13. Mayoto Says:

    Hey, Luke, How do you get werepyre as your subrace?

  14. Mayoto Says:

    Oh and, that wasnt really Artix, Cause its September, and you cant be King Guardian (Dumb name for a guardian) Plus, why would he post it on a CHEATING FORUM rather than in the updates section on BattleOn’s Site? Hmm???

  15. sweetie Says:

    dont have this site a cheat to get out of pea???
    because i dont now the first word.
    the 2e word is gecko and for the 3e you must play the minigame.

  16. 122148 Says:

    look at me

  17. Nguyen Says:

    An easy way to get gold is adventuring in the pit
    recommended for lvls 50+
    every 15 wins u get a chest
    the reward in the chest triples everytime
    have fun =)

  18. aldo Says:

    everyone my password is 4424507 and user name is:*not telling* haha

  19. yassin Says:

    better chance next time loser

  20. lordalexander Says:

    I need help with the game bad can someone help me plz?

  21. killer526 Says:

    does any body have a level 30 account

  22. killer526 Says:

    if any one does send it to

  23. paolo Says:

    nice cheats i got 50k plus to my gold and 35 lvls nice now im lvl95

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